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Vision Fly Boxes - Many sizes


This new family consists of some superb fly boxes with several variations of slots, rows sizes and different thicknesses. Slim boxes are extremely thin and you can squeeze several inside a normal vest pocket. Fit series boxes are slightly thicker, but still slim when compared to traditional fly boxes.

Slim series
V102: 128 x 98 x 12mm - Medium
V103: 187 x 98 x 12mm - Large
V111: 310 x 220 x 20mm - Magnum 12 Row
V112: 310 x 220 x 20mm - Magnum 18 Row
Fit Series
V105: 146 x 81 x 21mm - Medium
V106: 146 x 81 x 21mm - Medium / Straight cut
V107: 185 x 100 x 17mm - Large / Straight cut
V110: 185 x 100 x 28mm - Deep large / Straight cut
V115: 185 x 100 x 17 - Large with Vslots