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When choosing a rod and reel there are many brands to choose from and many options within those brands.

Simply put - buy the best you can afford. Some can afford, and want the best - that will cost $2000+, but you will have the best rod in the World. However a good serviceable rod can be bought for well under $400. And there are many in between.

We can point you in the right direction, but please think about what you want, where you fish and what your casting ability is. Some people think they need a 'fast' rod, because that will immediately elevate them to guru status. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes the best rod for you will be fibreglass, but it will more often be graphite of some sort.

In store we have rods from 0 (zero) weight to 12 weight.

You can cast any rod in the store as we have a carpark at the rear - and a bag of reels of all brands and weights.

So whatever you want - or if you don't know, contact us.


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