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Swiss CDC Multiclamp


SWISSCDC Multiclamp for CDC, fur and feather. 

This is how it is used

The Swiss CDC multiclamp is a fly tying material clamp made of high-strength stainless steel. The surface is a matt non-dazzling. The design is contemporary, but trimmed for functionality. The clamping range is open so that it is possible to bundle up and work on the trapped material with your thumb and forefinger without any other tools. The jaw is pointed shaped thus it is possible to go directly into the deer hair. Therefore you can take it over the entire jaw width into the dubbing loop. Artificial material like craft-fur or fake-fur can be picked up directly out of the mat into the clamp.

The multiclamp can be used for traditional fly-tying as well as CDC. A ruler in a 5mm graduation is lasered on at the jaws so that the material can be tied in in the same amount every time.

Coarser hair dubbing can be used too. The loose hair can be picked up from the table because of a small radius at the clamping edge.
Our multiclamp is multifunctional tool of Swiss quality.

Two sizes: 'Regular' - 60mm wide and 'Minus' - 45mm wide. 

- High-strength non dazzling model
- High quality, whole clamp is made of stainless steel
- High clamping force
- Open clamping range
- Material can be picked up directly out of the hide
- Material can be bundled up directly through the open clamping range
- Ruler at the jaws so that the amount of material is the same every time
- Loose hair can be picked up directly from the table

This is how it is used