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Strike Indicator 50 Pre-Cut X-LARGE Sleeves


  • 50 Pre-Cut X-LARGE Sleeves - Fifty precision pre-cut x-large sleeves - enough for many seasons
  • Velcro Cap - "Fluffs" up yarn to make the perfect indicator
  • Highest Quality - Tubing grips leader - never slips
  • Tough - Change indicator depth on every run - no problem
  • Totally Adjustable - Place nymph in the perfect strike zone
  • Perfect Diameter - 3 strands yarn fits x-large size sleeves perfectly
  • No Damage or Kinks to Leader - Significant savings in dollars and re-rigging
  • Pleasure to Cast - Light and natural - casts like a dry fly
  • Multicolor Indicators - Make multicolor indicators for optimal sighting
  • Trim Indicator to Exact Size Required - Trim size to match river conditions and weight of nymphs
  • Great Value - Wool and tubing are reusable
  • Quick and Easy - Quick to make and quick to remove