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Regal fly tying vise (vice) Australia

Regal Fly Tying Vises

These are the vices we use instore. We have three in constant use and they are indestructible.

The REGAL is an iconic vice and, the often imitated design, is the pinnacle of vise technology. Open the Jaws, insert your hook and start tying. There is nothing to adjust even when you are switching from a tiny midge to a huge streamer hook.

The REGAL REVOLUTION ROTARY VISE is the most versatile and elegant vice ever produced. The REVOLUTION VICE combines the ultimate hook holding power of our famous head design, and true in-line rotary function. You can rotate the vise for winding materials on the hook, or tighten the barrel and wrap materials in the traditional method. All REVOLUTION VICES are true in line rotary revolving around a 360° axis and articulating 220° up and down. This vice is available with many head and base options.

MEDALLION VICES revolve around a 360° axis and articulate 220° up and down.
It is favoured by many professional tiers for its simplicity, whilst remaining robust and strong.
Mike Stevens has had one of these for over 30 years and still uses it.

The REGAL INEX VICE combines simplicity and function in a vice that features the same versatile, powerful gripping head design and materials that made REGAL the industry leader.
The INEX now features a Standard Medallion Head allowing you to rotate the head 360° to inspect the other side of the fly. Additionally it lets you take advantage of all the interchangeable heads and accessories in the MEDALLION SERIES of REGAL VISES. This is the best possible lifetime VISE for the beginning fly tyer. This VISE can grow with you by adding new MEDALLION SERIES heads and accessories based on your expanding interests and needs.

Regal vices are made in the USA and are unbeatable.
If you are buying a vise 'for life' a Regal is to put at the top of your list.

If you want a solid steel table top base let us know and we can swap it over.  

See how Regal Vices are made here.