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Practice fly line - and practice reel with line


Fly fishing can be easy. Once you have reached a reasonable level of casting proficiency casting becomes second nature and you can concentrate on fish and the fishing. However, ongoing and consistent practice will always serve you well and competent casters WILL catch more fish. It just makes sense that if you can be efficient and fast are getting the fly to a fish your chances improve. The more casts it takes to get the line out or fly to where you want it the worse your results.

Good practice will be rewarded. 

These practice line are bright orange and you can use these instead of wrecking your general fly line. These are double taper lines and will suit both 5 or 6 weight rod. Highly renowned casting instructor, Peter Hayes says a hi-vis line is a huge advantage when practicing as you can see everything that is happening.  

Line only is available or Reel, line, backing, leader and some wool for the end.   

Peter Hayes suggests you visit Fly Fishers International website which has a huge range of resources. https://www.flyfishersinternational.org/

Book a learn to fly fish course here (if in Tas.) 

Private lessons with Peter Hayes are here: https://www.peterhayesflyfishing.com/