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Pisces - Fly Rods and Combos


This is a new range of graphite rods built specifically for Australian conditions.

Starting at a 7'6" 3 weight CREEK, through to a 9' 5 weight, 9' 6 weight and a 10' 6 weight TURBOs.

These are budget priced rods, but performance driven and will hold up to much more expensive rods. They are moderate action rods, rather than super fast, which can take a lot of skill to master.

7'6" 3 weight CREEK: A perfect combination of length and weight for small streams. You can get in under the trees and still swing the rod, and it is long enough to still deliver 50 feet of line if needed. Attractive timber up-locking reel seat compliments a Cigar Grip handle and non-flash matt black finish. 

9' 5 weight TURBO: Five weights are the biggest selling fly rods in the world - and for good reason. They will do everything well - from streams to lakes. They will deliver small to larger flies with finesse and speed while not tiring you out after a day fishing. Moderate action rather than fast it can deliver flies delicately. Attractive timber up-locking reel seat compliments a Full Wells handle and non-flash matt black finish.    

9' 6 weight TURBO: A better all-round rod if you mostly fish lakes using nymphs, streamers and heavier flies from time to time. It will pick up and boom out an outstanding amount of line with bigger flies. Attractive timber up-locking reel seat compliments a Full Wells handle and non-flash matt black finish.     

10’ 6 weight TURBO: One of the best value 10 foot rods on the market. It is a moderate to faster action rod that is perfect for loch style fishing a floating or sinking line from a boat. Rods of this length can be too stiff and some makers confuse stiffness and power, but we believe this is a perfect combination between power and finesse. It will pick up a lot of line from the water easily.
The Turbo this has the same number of guides as premium rods and more than other budget rods with 11 guides plus the tip. Is that important? Yes it is, as the further the space is between guides the more sag you get and lines won’t shoot properly. But too many guides and the rod gets heavy and that is why Pisces uses single foot guides on this rod. Rod has a matt black finish to reduce ‘line flash’ and an uplocking graphite reel seat with a small fighting butt.

All rods come in an orange cordura tube for protection and are easy to spot if you put it down somewhere.

Spare parts for all rods are available immediately. 

Rods on their own - or combos with an alloy Flylab reel and a two colour floating line with loops and leader ready to fish. Come and have a cast. You won't find better value.

Shipping is FREE. Replacement sections and tips are $65plus postage.