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Learn to flyfish lessons


If courses are sold out please email us and we will put you on the wait list: sales@essentialflyfisher.com.au

In general Bill does casting on the first Sunday each month.

BILL Greensmith Course
These are personalised courses, limited in numbers and focusing on casting. These are suitable for beginners to intermediate, with fault fixing and/or those wanting to learn to be better casters. These are run by accredited CCI casting instructor, Bill Greensmith - and other assistants. It is not limited to casting and any questions on fly fishing are encouraged and answered. You will learn to be a good caster with plenty of info to progress your fly fishing experience. Bring your own gear or let us know if you need gear supplied. 

This course will be 3-4 hours duration from 10am until 2pm near Launceston and confirmed prior. It is limited in number so everyone gets good instruction.
Included are many techniques - such as: 
Single haul. Double haul.
Roll casting on the on shoulder and off shoulder.
Slack line presentations – Pile cast and wiggle cast.
Accuracy casting from 20 to 70ft.

FFCT Course: The Fly Fishers' Club of Tasmania runs several fly fishing schools per year. These are conducted at a sit down class in the morning and then the afternoon is on the water, just a short drive from Launceston, on the river.
You DO NOT need any gear to attend, but if you have gear please take it.
Program includes a basic understanding for beginners - or for advancing anglers. It is helpful for very beginners to those that want to get a better understanding.
Tutors are there to help you progress your skills and to help you catch a fish.
Welcome, safety briefing, water safety, hazards and some details about the FFCT.
Casting: Demonstration and basic casting techniques.
Understanding Lines, Leaders, Knots, Flies, Streamcraft.
Onstream demonstrations and understanding techniques such as dry fly, nymph under dry, nymphing etc.
Question time.
More information and what you need will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Courses can be bought online or in-store.

If courses are sold out please email us and we will put you on the wait list: sales@essentialflyfisher.com.au