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Inox MX3 300 Gram Food Grade 300Gram.Spray


General Applications

INOX-MX3 will keep your fishing reels in very good working order, free from salt corrosion and well lubricated.

INOX-MX3 is very good for flushing sand and salt water out of gears and all those hard to get at places on fishing reels.

INOX-MX3 or LANOX-MX4 will not harm fishing lines or any of the coatings or plastics on rods or reels.

INOX-MX3 and LANOX-MX4 doesn’t gum up, become sticky or gooey…


Rods and Reels

For years of faithful service from your reels, whether you have a small bait cast reel to the most expensive game fishing reel, only INOX-MX3 will keep them serviced and maintained in first class working order and protected from corrosion in storage in the off season.

INOX-MX3 or LANOX-MX4 will not harm fibreglass or rod varnishes.

Use INOX-MX3 or LANOX-MX4 to keep your rods clean and reel clamps, runners and rod tips lubricated and free from corrosion.

Use INOX-MX8 EP grease for all bearings and gears on spinning and egg beater type reels, bushes, ratchet pawls and gears on side cast reels and fly fishing reels. INOX-MX6 synthetic EP grease can also be used for reel bearings and gears.


INOX-MX3 is safe to use on all your tackle. Spray it on hooks, swivels, traces, knives and on any of your fishing gear that needs protection from rust or salt corrosion. Keeps them looking good and usable for many years.