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Handy Pak Insta-Net


The Best Collapsible Fishing Net in the Business

When you’re looking for the absolute best folding fishing net, the Handy Pak Insta-Net is expertly crafted for the greatest ease of use of any fly fishing net you can find, and handsomely styled too. 

Our handsomely crafted folding fishing net is expertly crafted for ease of use. When you use our landing net, you get form and function, guaranteed.

Why use a bulky fishing net when you can use the Insta-Net? The Insta-Net opens instantly and collapses easily back into its handy leather pouch, which is conveniently designed to work great on your back or your belt, ensuring that our landing nets won’t snag on brush or other debris.

Improvement to Our Landing Nets

Our collapsible landing nets were designed for instant opening and closing, with no hinges or joints to break, from the very beginning. One improvement, made in the 1970's, was the upgrade of metal in the bow of the net from galvanized to stainless steel. This makes collapsing the fly fishing net much easier, eliminates corrosion, and creates much less wear on the netting material.

Our high quality materials make our fishing nets even more user-friendly and convenient by keeping your equipment in optimal condition and making your Insta-net storage fast and easy every time.  

We back our products completely, so if you have an issue let us know and we will work to address it.

What makes the Handy Pak Net different?

  •     Instant Opening
  •     Instant Closing
  •     No Hinges or Joints to Break
  •     High Quality Carrying Pouch
  •     Made in the USA Craftsmanship

 Operating your collapsing fishing net is a breeze! You won't ever want to fish without one. Check out this quick instructional video here.

Who else uses our fly fishing collapsible landing net? It’s also the perfect folding net for scuba divers fishing for lobster and other sea life, backpackers and many others.

Whatever your fishing net needs, the Handy Pak Insta-Net can give you exactly what you’re looking for.


Handy Pak Net Co. stands behind its products. Our products are warranted to be free against defects in materials and workmanship, for the lifetime of the product. We guarantee that all Insta-Nets will function as represented, and we will, if the facts are reported to us, repair or replace a defective product without charge.

About the owners

I’m Andrew Welker, current owner of Handy Pak Net Co. (The ORIGINAL INSTANET® since 1955). After being idle for several years due to former owner's retirement, Handy Pak Net Co. has forged relationships with brand new suppliers and we have had all the original tools refurbished, to create a world-class collapsible fishing landing net that meets the demands of today's fisherman and woman.

Handy Pak Insta-Net  has resumed production with new models to accommodate anglers throughout the world (such as our major following in Japan) and maintain the gold standard that Handy Pak Net Co. has established internationally over the past 55 + years.

Handy Pak Net Co. is located in Ashland, Pennsylvania, only 15 miles from Shamokin, PA where Handy Pak Net was invented and later patented in 1957. Our unique folding landing net , which has always been made in the USA, immediately began to set the standard for fly fishermen around the world from day one.

My grandfather's best friend was a son-in-law to the inventor of Handy Pak Net, who gave him an original fish landing net in the 1950's. Handy Pak Insta-Nets have been part of our family ever since.

We were fortunate enough to purchase Handy Pak Net Company in 2011 and we are proud to continue providing anglers around the world with the same great collapsible fishing net and customer service they’ve come to expect over the past 55 + years.