Glo-Brite Fluorescent Multi Yarn-Veniard


Glo-Brite multi-yarn is an antron based, shiny, translucent product about 8 times thicker than Glo-Brite floss. It is used for hotspots, tails, tags and sometimes for wings and wing posts. It is often folded over to create thicker tags or wings.

Shade 1  Neon Magenta,
Shade 2  Glo-Brite Pink,
Shade 3 Glo-Brite Crimson,
Shade 4 Glo-Brite Scarlet,
Shade 5 Fire Orange,
Shade 6 Glo-Brite Hot Orange,
Shade 7 Glo-Brite Orange,
Shade 10 Glo-Brite Yellow, 1
1 Glo-Brite Chartreuse
Shade 12 Glo-Brite Lime Green,
Shades 1 to 4 are very effective at dawn, dusk or on dull days.
Shades 5, 7, 10, 12 are good on bright days
Shades 10 is attractive in coloured water or when light is dull.