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Glo-Brite Fluorescent Floss-Veniard


The Glo-Brite Fluorescent colour range

Glo-Brite floss is matt with a thickness similar to 3/0 tying thread.
Shade 1 Neon Magenta 
Shade 2 Glo-Brite Pink 
Shade 3 Glo-Brite Crimson 
Shade 4 Glo-Brite Scarlet 
Shade 5 Fire Orange 
Shade 6 Glo-Brite Hot Orange 
Shade 7 Glo-Brite Orange

Shade 8 Glo Brite Amber

Shade 9 Glo Brite Chrm Yellow
Shade 10 Glo-Brite Yellow
Shade 11 Glo-Brite Chartreuse
Shade 12 Glo-Brite Lime Green

Shade 14  Glo-Brite Blue

Shade 15 Glo-Brite Purple
Shades 1 to 4 are very effective at dawn, dusk or on dull days.
Shades 5, 7, 10, 12 are good on bright days
Shades 10 is attractive in coloured water or when light is dull.