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Elk Hair Caddis Natural Flies X 6


The Elk Hair Caddis is a versatile and effective Caddis pattern. The Elk Hair Caddis is a great fly for pocket water or fast-moving water. The elk hair and hackle on the body make the Elk Hair Caddis a high floating and buoyant fly. The Elk Hair Caddis can be tied in a variety of sizes and colours. Caddis look just like a small moth, and act like one too. Caddis like to flutter, skate and dapple the surface. This is why the Peacock Caddis has an Elk Hair wing. The Elk Hair gives the fly “implied movement” and gives the Caddis the appearance of fluttering its wings.

Available in sizes 14,16 & 18

Sold in lots of 6