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A drogue allows you more time to fish productive water.
Slow your drift by 75% and catch more fish.

This drogue has been developed by Mike Stevens from the Peter Hayes drogues that many will be familiar with. It uses a mesh material, which makes it set more easily, is lighter, more compact and easier to handle. Instead of a centre hole to stabilise it, the mesh allows a small amount of water to filter through. The mesh means you don’t pull large amounts of water into the boat, but still allows you to set your drift like using a sail. 
The drogue comes complete with bridle straps, floatation and chain incorporated and suits boats to 5.5 metres.

If your boat has a lot of windage (High side) the LARGE should suit. If your boat has very high sides choose the EXTRA LARGE.   

It is used and recommended by Jim Allen and many others.

It is small enough to post.