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Bassano's Orange Spinner Flies X 6


Bassano's Spinner - Orange

There are many orange spinner patterns available and this one is a variant by Damian How. Originally it was used on the lowland rivers of northern Tasmania where the fish would eat it in preference to many other imitations.  Now, it is regularly tied on not only when fishing the rivers, but in all other lakes which contain orange spinners. These include Woods and Arthurs Lake, Lake Leak, Four Springs, Penstock, Bronte and many more.

The fly is designed to be fished when trout are eating spinners and as such, it is fished singly to sighted fish. The fly is designed to land the correct way every cast and closely represent the natural insect. Fished in quiet backwaters on rivers or to jumping fish, this is the most effective orange spinner pattern I have ever used. These flies are under used by almost every Tasmanian angler and although the window of opportunity to use them may be small in comparison to many other flies in the range, when the fish are locked in on this colour of spinner, you must have it on the end of your long leader. Barbless.

Available in sizes 10 & 12

Sold in lots of 6