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Angling in Australia and Elsewhere - Howard Joseland


From Jim Findlay - Australian Fishing Books.

There are two books offered.

Joseland, Howard (1921)

1. 2002: facsimile. Stevens Publishing: Launceston, Tasmania; 8vo; 128pp; 3 tipped-in coloured plates (as in the original) and other black and white illustrations; hard cover (leather). Limited to 200 copies. All are numbered. originally $250.00 Beautifully produced. 

Details about the original book.

2. 1921 Angling in Australia and Elsewhere. Art in Australia: Sydney; 12mo; (viii), 128pp; 20pp of plates including 3 tipped in colour plates from watercolours by the author (one of contemporary flies), diagrams; hard cover. Angling in Australia and Elsewhere mainly deals with trout fishing experiences in New South Wales but includes a chapter on saltwater fishing and another on fly-fishing for Australian native species such as bass, barramundi, freshwater herring, Australian grayling, Murray cod and mullet.

Howard Joseland was an architect by profession and is remembered for his Federation houses built on expansive grounds in Sydney’s North Shore (see entry for Allen, A.J.: R.G. Howard Joseland, Architect, 1860-1930). But he was an angler by inclination, and not just a trout fisherman, although that was his first love. Joseland was instrumental in establishing the New South Wales Rod Fishers’ Society. He fished the beaches, the estuaries and the coastal streams. He fished with the float, the fly rod and the handline and, with two companions, claimed to be the first to cast off the reel from NSW beaches. In his book we hear about the Snowy when it was still a mighty stream: Below the river roared and foamed through cramped channels, boulder strewn, and confined by towering cliffs of grey granite propping up the ranges soaring above and behind. We hear of The Bredbo, designed by Joseland, the first locally made trout fly. And throughout, we hear of Joseland’s affection for his adopted place: In Australia the shade of the manna gums and river oaks call us no less than the piping of the grey thrush, the mellow call of the honey-eaters, and the flute note of the magpie and shrike. The first gleam of sunlight glorifying the grey trees on the distant hills or on the ridges towering over our camp by the rivers, the deep quiet pools where the big fish swim around and the rapids, where more vigorous young ‘rainbows’ snatch our flies, haunt us in our dreams, urging us on the first opportunity to get our rods out and ‘go a–angling’.

This is the great book of Australian fishing. Scarce, although occasionally selling at agreeable prices, including from David Spode Books (NSW) in 2002 (fine, $220), from the Katoomba Book Exchange (NSW) in 2005 (good, $385), from Iain Grahame Rare Books (Suffolk, UK) in 2005 (fine inscribed presentation copy, GBP250) and from Balfour Books (Sidmouth, UK) GBP75 (rubbing to corners and some dents to boards, some internal cracks, signed by author) also in 2005. Auctions: Ansell $270 (1989), Jowett $550 (1999), Dunn $1600 (2003), Australian Book Auctions $396 (September 2005; lacking frontispiece and half-title page, new front endpapers) and ebay $1476.01 (April 2006; rebound with the original front papered board, new spine, original spine laid down and new rear cloth board). 

In very good condition with spine rebound as shown. $850.