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Scientific Anglers Sonar Triple Density Titan Sinking Line

Triple Density Titan Sinking Lines
We took one of our most popular tapers, the Titan, drenched it in various mixtures of tungsten powder, and created a triple-density sinking fly line that will absolutely change the way you fish streamers forever. This is a fully tapered sinking line, so it casts like a floater, but provides a straight-line sinking connection to your streamer. The days of chucking and ducking are finally over. Welcome to the triple-density revolution.
Two line sizes heavy for loading quickly and delivering the biggest flies to the furthest targets; use designated line weight for your rod.
Excellent turnover due to short, powerful head.
Triple density construction provides straight-line connection to fly.
The perfect line for throwing streamers to trout or targeting larger game in shallower water.
Shooting Texture reduces friction, providing longer casts, easier pick-up, and increased durability.
For use in moderate and cold climates; braided multifilament core.
Sink Rates:
Hover = 1.00 ips
Sink 2 = 1.5 – 2.5 ips
Sink 4 = 3.5 – 3.5 ips
Sink 5 = 4.5 – 5.5 ips
Sink 6 = 5.5-6.5 ips
Sink 7 = 6.5 – 7.5 ips
Choose: Int/2/3, Hover/2/4, Int/3/5, 3/5/7