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Competition Fips Mouche Measuring Gauge


Fips Mouche Competition Gauge

Contains all necessary measurements on a precision manufactured stainless steel gauge: .53, 3, 4, 5, 20, 40mm. 

29.1. Competitors may use floating or sinking artificial flies
29.2. All hooks must be connected directly to the leader/tippet/dropper.
Weighted flies are permitted, provided the weight which must be hidden within the
dressing and may not exceed the bend or eye of the hook. The maximum length of
added weight (w) is the distance from the eye of the hook to the farthest point of the
bend in the hook.
A single visible bead, not more than 4 mm maximum dimension, is also permitted.
Painting alone does not constitute dressing.
29.3. If one fly is used, the length and width of the dressed fly will be at the discretion of
the competitor (Articles 29.2. & 0 apply).
29.4. If more than 1 fly is used, all weighted flies must comply with the measuring gauge,
as demonstrated in the diagram.
29.5. A maximum of three flies is permitted which must not be closer to each other than
fifty cm, measured eye to eye, hanging freely. The number of flies allowed will be
specified in Rule Modifications.
29.6. All flies must be attached to the leader in such a way that neither they nor their
droppers move or slide along the leader material.
29.7. All flies must be dressed on barbless single hooks, tandem flies are not allowed.