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Little Pine: Fishing a variety of streamers and wooly bugger patterns on a floating or ideally an intermediate/slow sinking line, can be a very effective method for catching good numbers of fish.... try different retrieves at different speeds... Fishing from a boat or the shore are both great ways to get at these feisty fish in this lake.
Pine Tier: Fish can still be found sipping spinners along the shore on the right days. Also Good numbers of fish have been reported tailing towards the northern end of the lake on dusk and dawn. 
Four Springs: Fish are becoming more and more active as the weather cools. Fishing a team of white bait imitations on a floating line is a good way to get at these fish. Otherwise fish can be found sipping of the top in the mornings and evenings, as well as through out the day on spinners along the shores. 
Rivers: Fish are starting to embark on their annual orgy, and are getting very territorial in the riffles... Larger streamers fished down and across stream is a good way to entice a take. However plenty of fish can still be found sipping dries along the edges, with good numbers still very happy to eat a nymph.
East Coast: Bream and trevally are two fantastic saltwater fish species to target in Tasmania, especially coming into winter. Small green/white and blue/white clouser minnows are an ideal fly choice, fished on a floating, intermediate and or sink tip line. A great place to find these fish is where the shallow water quickly drops off into deep water, ideally along the edge of sand bars, weed edges and rock ledges.   
Echo Bad Ass Glass fly rod is a wickedly fun rod to fish with, especially when polaroiding fish and you need to get a line to them quick with few false casts. The 8’0” Bad Ass Glass is a quick shot model that helps casters come through their stroke quicker, allowing lighting-fast shots to moving fish. Available in stock are #6 and #7's and available to order are #8 through to #10, there is a Bad Ass Glass quick shot to fit your big fish situation. “Slow” and “Glass” are no longer one-in-the-same.  

Bad Ass Glass is Awesome Fun! You can find one here.