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Hatch Chart

Mersey River: Caenid feeders in the tail of the pools. F-flies and small spent black spinners, sizes #18 - #20. 

South Esk River: Orange and black spinners, larger dries (stimulators, hopper etc.) and a variety of large dark coloured nymphs. 

Brumbies: Small red tags, small orange and black spinners and small unweighted brown and black nymphs. 

Great Lake: Large foamy dries and small red tags. 

Little Pine: Mayflies are popping... small brown and black mayflies, possum emergers and small nymphs will do the tricks. 

Arthurs Lake: Parachute dries, beetle patterns, and small wets and black and green variants.


Lake Leake; Redfin fry are thick all over the lake and the fish are found schooling up and marauding the large schools of fry. Most of the large schools are found out wide in deep water. A variety of small wet flies fished on floating and slow sinking lines will be sufficient. Good midge fishing to be had of the early morning and late evening. Fish condition is probably the best in the state at the moment with lots of fat fish hitting the nets. 

Arthurs Lake; Duns and beetles are bringing fish to the surface and if you can find a rising fish they are usually easy enough to catch. The Jonah bay car park has not been full for years, but don't be surprised if space is hard to find. 

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