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Rivers: Most rivers are in prime with regular rains topping them up since Winter. Small dries such as Royal Wulffs, Adams, Red Tags, Purple Haze, Humpies all work well. If they don't work try a small weighted Pheasant Tail underneath it. 

Penstock Lagoon: The go to water at the moment with fantastic hatches, that as always in fishing are not usually predictable. If you are in a boat think about NOT DRIFTING, drop a weight down and sit stationary and let the fish come to you. There will be better places to do this and if you see a few fish - stay there. 
I say a weight rather than anchor, because anchors often pull up a huge lot of weed. A simple weight is often enough to keep you in the right spot and not wreck the bottom. Try this technique in other places too. 
Also be aware it is an offence to fish from a boat within 100 m of an anglers fishing from the shore unless the boat is securely moored.    

Four Springs Lake: Insects are thick at the moment, lots on top and stacks below. Depending on the day, fish can be found sipping on a large variety of insects such as mayflies, beetles, ant, etc. or busting up on smelt and water boat man. However hot days will keep the fish down and early mornings are the prime time here. Edges are best - either from the shore or a boat. 

Bronte Lagoon: Good mayfly hatches on warm over cast days, as well as some good tailing to be had of the early morning and and late evening.

Nineteen Lagoons: A lovely time to fish here on a blue day. Polaroiding these waters in the best. Seeing two kilo fish swimming over the sand quickens the heart of any angler. Double Lagoon, Ada Lagoon, Augusta lake and dam are first class waters you should visit.

Increase your polaroiding chances. The prime thing in polaroid fishing is speed of delivering the fly, and getting it in the right place FIRST CAST. If you can't do that you need to practice. Practice casting at rocks or shadows when on the water - sometimes it is a fish. If you are fishing short, make sure your line loads the rod so you aren't false casting more than once or twice. It is distressing to see someone making ten false cast before they deliver the fly. 

If you can be fast and accurate and get the fly in the right spot first attempt you chances are perhaps 90%, second cast maybe 60%, third cast I think 20% chance would be about right. Every cast has an extra 'spook' factor and false casting is the blight we should all avoid.

Generally, I don't think the fly is even super critical.

NOW - The weird fly. 

Bopper Hopper. This was a mistake fly that was tied incorrectly. I fish it often and am always pleasantly surprised by the result. A few people will be witness the effectiveness of this weirdo fly though. It took five fish from seven presentations polaroiding in the Western Lakes one day, and many fish another day on Lake Augusta. It seems the leggieness (is that a word) is what works. Damsel fly feeders also seem to like it and I wonder if some blue or green permanent marker might make it even better. Blue legs and blue foam might just be the answer. It comes in #10, 12, 14s and you can buy them here.