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Hatch charts:
Arthurs Lake; Woolly buggers and possum emergers.
Great Lake; Beatles patterns (Gum & Red Tags) Black Matuka varieties.
Penstock Lagoon; Small unweighted nymphs, shaving brush patterns and orange spinners.
Meander; Small Klinkhammer dry fly variants, gold and black bead hares ear nymphs.
Mersey; small parachute dries, large stimulator style flies, small euro and black and claret nymphs.
North Esk and St Patricks; Elk hair caddis, small royal wolfs, small flash back gold and black bead nymphs.

Hot spots; on the big lakes. 
Great Lake margins

Great lake water levels are high and have been high for a substantial period of time. The recent reports are resulting in good numbers and quality of fish feeding among the edges, that are very susceptible to flies. Preferred flies for fooling these tend be very weather dependent; in the cold rough weather, green and black woolly buggers, copper and standard green shreks along with a variety of Matuka style flies have been great options. When the weather is calmer and warm it is hard to beat a red tag and a variety of other beetle patterns. These fish are very accessible by foot/wading, as well as from a boat casting at and along the shore.  
Arthurs coming good
More and more fish are hitting the nets and more and more insects are starting to appear. If you’re after a fishing trip up the lakes with plenty of chances at feisty trout and good camping, then look no further, Arthurs is the place! Tailing fish are still found in good numbers along the shores on and around sunset and sunrise. A variety of fur flies and small unweighted nymphs are very suited for these fish. Plenty of fish are being found fishing from a boat, with reports of good numbers being caught on copper bead magoos, shreks and small gold bead green woolly buggers. The need for flogging with heavy sinking lines to get good numbers is no longer needed. As the weather warms up, the food is starting to move up the water column, to where a floating or sink tip line will do the trick.

An Ideal and game changing product for this time of the year is the Scientific Angler Infinity range. It comes in a Mastery, Amplitude smooth and Amplitude textured. With a long head and weighted half line heavier, it is and ideal line for covering many different fishing scenarios, from flogging wets on windy days to presenting small dry flies at long distance very subtly.  The Amplitude textured is the smoothest line best for shooting long distances. The Amplitude smooth has the same AST (Advanced Shooting Texture) but lacks the pluss slickness additive. The Mastery line is the lower end of the three lines with same head length and size, lacking the additive slickness.