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Lake Crescent Is Worth the Trip

Lake Crescent has had some good and bad cycles over the past 6-8 years, as a result of a few different environmental factors. However, can confirm that it is currently a good year for fat 5lb fish and much bigger. Allan Davey and myself (James Sinnamon) have spent the last few years fishing it early in the season with not much avail. This season that has changed, 2 trips for 8 fish landed from 5lb - 8.5lb, with many others dropped and missed. Was good mix of rainbows and browns, with all fish in really good condition. Crescent is not a place you go to catch large numbers but is more a place for a good chance at a large fish 5-10lb and much bigger.

Our outfits consisted of floating weight forward lines, Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX lines to be exact, fished with 6 and 7 weight rods. We both used a two fly rig with about 3-5ft between the flies and a 10lb Tippet. Highly recommend not to fish anything under 10lb tippet. This lake has been known to have fish over 10kg and you want to be ready if one of these finds your fly. Given the dirty water that lake Crescent is known for you can get away with fishing heavy tippet.

Lake Crescent is a large shallow body of water not exceeding much over 2.5m in depth. At the moment the lake is chockers full with water, creating some great fishable water along the shore. Most of our fishing was done in and around the shores in 0.2-1.2m of water. This time of year the native Golden Galaxia (Galaxias auratus) are known to hang around the rocky shores for spawning purposes. As a result of this we spent a lot of time fishing the rocky shores and found plenty of fish in these areas. However we also spent some time fishing the edges of the marshes and also found some good fish in these areas. We paid attention to the sounder and Galaxia action on the surface and noticed area's with more Galaxia definitely resulted in more trout activity. Some of the best spots we found the Galaxia schooled up in about 1 m of water. 

 A nice 5lb + Rainbow from a rocky shore.

Most of the time we fished a small fly pattern on the top dropper, like a gold flasher or a black fur fly, with a more natural larger pattern on the point, such as a larger wooly bugger pattern or a rabbit zonker Crescent special. Most of our fish were caught on the larger zonker style flies, such as the lake Crescent special. This fly is available to purchase online Here or pop in store for a larger range and some hot tips.

These are the styles of flies that we used.