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Introducing the first of four Limited Edition Charles Jardine, Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" trout reels. These will only be available once. 150 Worldwide - 20 allocated to Australia
The Limited Edition Hardy Perfects 3 1/8 coming into Aust/NZ. These reels feature the artwork of highly renowned Charles Jardine - Brown trout, followed by Rainbow trout, Brook trout and Grayling.
The Perfect feature artwork applied directly to the side plate of the classic 3 1/8" Hardy Wide Spool Perfect Trout Reels. These reels are one of Hardy's most famous reels with the time-proven perfect check system and the iconic ‘Perfect’ sound. Each of these beautifully built reels come in a block leather reel case, are individually numbered and include a handmade screw tool with limited-edition packaging.
"The Hardy Perfect reel is already a work of art,” said Jim Murphy, Director of Fly Fishing at Hardy. “These limited edition Perfect Reels with Charles Jardine’s original artwork, present a rare opportunity for collectors to obtain a piece of Hardy history.”
Charles Jardine is an internationally acclaimed fly fishing instructor, author and artist. He has been awarded the President’s Pin by the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and has also been named a Fly Fishing Legend in the USA. Hardy launched its first reel in 1891 and its most famous product to date, is the Perfect. Now 129 years later, the addition of Jardine’s artwork to these limited-edition reels makes them highly sought after collectable pieces.
The Trout Perfect is engineered from solid bar stock aluminum with a naval brass one-piece spindle, stainless steel ball bearings, ivorine handle and a silky gunmetal grey satin finish.
Available in May.
Price is $1800. You can pay the full amount now - or secure one with a 50% deposit. Phone or email if you want one.
Pay by c/c, direct deposit or Paypal.
Howard Croston explains the reel.