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Airflo Brookie outfits are the perfect affordable combo to get the kids involved. Being a 6wt 7'6", it is heavy enough for light saltwater and lakes fishing, but light enough and balanced well so kids can still get a feel for how it all works. Not only is it suitable for kids but it is a great option for anyone wanting a short 6wt for close quarters fishing, such as for big trout under the willows to bass and carp etc. in the scrub on the mainland. However note, the rods are made with a small handle to suits kids. Find a brookie online here.


Dry fly fishing at the moment is marginal up the lakes, with reports of a handful of short hatches, with a few fish on them. Ideally, if you start seeing food on top then stay with it, no doubt a fish or three should start mopping it up eventually. Fishing nymphs and/or a team of streamers/wets on a sinking line is the most effective method at the moment on most lakes. 

Little pine reports are resulting in good condition fish, on par with some of the best quality fish found out of all the lakes at the moment. The Numbers aren't there on the dries, although if you can be bothered, put a sinking line out with a team of small wets and hang on. Similar reports all round up the lakes of recent, with a few exceptions on some select lakes, if you can match the weather and find hatch. 


Plenty of fish feeding aggressively on top and below. Some of the larger rivers have had a fair bit of higher water flows and levels especially the South Esk and Macquarie river. Similar reports as the lakes, with dry fly fishing not at its best, however fishing nymphs under a dry is a very effective method on any of the rivers. 

Hopefully you get stuck into a few before the season finishes up. All the best and tight lines on fish not sticks! If anyone needs any info on where to fish and what to use, give us a call or pop in store and we will endeavor to help narrow down the hunt.