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Micro-practice rod


Indoor Practice Rod 
Peter Hayes once asked Joan Wulff (who is one of the most experienced teachers of casting in the world) what she considered was the most valuable aid to teaching casting. She didn't hesitate. 'The indoor rods are the most wonderful teaching tool we have Peter' she said.
Well designed Indoor Practice Rod casts and load just like a regular rod and come in two pieces. Packaged in a handy plastic carry tube around 680mm long you can take them anywhere.  
By regularly using this fun casting aid you will dramatically improve almost every aspect of your casting stroke.
Learn to throw tight, narrow loops with good line speed. Improve accuracy by developing greater hand eye coordination in the comfort of your lounge room.
The indoor rod is the perfect tool for learning all the presentation casts including the curve and aerial mend casts that are so necessary for successful river fishing.
You can even learn roll casting on carpet and be amazed at how competent you become at this.
These rods make the ideal gift for every fisherman. Every fly fisherman that wants to improve their cast should have one at home and another in the office. They are also perfect for introducing your children to fly casting.