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Innovator 10' ten foot #6 weight fly rod


10' 6 Weight Medium-Fast Action

Originally becoming popular in the late 90’s when John Horsey from the UK did some loch-style clinics in Australia, the 10’ 6wt fly rod has become a favourite with lake and boat anglers in Australia. For shore based anglers the addition of 1’ allows deeper wading while keeping back casts away from tussock’s and thistle bushes. The extra power generated in its longer length means covering larger areas of lakes and reaching those midge feeders along the ripple line. The 10' length is popular in boats due to its ability to cast teams of dries or wets with 15–20ft leaders easily. It also provides the ability to hang your flies with ease, something that is difficult with 9’ rods. We consulted with some of Australia’s leading competition anglers who seldom use rods shorter than 10’ and they provided feedback on the flaws that their current 10’ rods exhibited. The major issue discussed was the balance of 10’ rods which often felt tip heavy due to their additional length. Innovator had some prototypes made with counter balances built right into the reel seats and the competition guys gave the design a big thumbs-up. The reel seat system can be altered to balance with your particular reel/backing/line, so wrist fatigue is reduced. With the 4 x 9 gram removable weights supplied, balancing your outfit has never been easier. Next time you're in the market for a lake or boat rod, check out our 10’ HLS2 , the best performing and best value 10’ rod on the market.

Recommended Floating Fly Lines:

  • Teams of dries or wets – Scientific Anglers Anadro Taper
  • Single dry fly presentation e.g. mayfly hatches and midge feeders – Scientific Angler Trout Taper, Expert Distance or Infinity.

Recommended Sinking Fly Lines:

  • Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Intermediate – Clear Sink
  • Scientific Anglers Sonar Uniform Sink  - sink rates from II thru to V
  • Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan INT/Sink 3/Sink 5 Triple Density - provides straight-line connection to fly, excellent for pulling a team of wets quickly