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Fishpond Brim Hat


Fishpond Brim Hat - Overcast
Sunscreen is important on the water, but hat coverage is even better. There is a reason that serious anglers opt for a full brim hat when they are polaroiding fish. Fishpond's wide-brim hat does an excellent job of stopping un above and reflective light as well. It does an excellent job of covering your face, ears and neck, with an adjustable strap so you can "keep a lid on it". The dark underside stops reflective light 

Lightweight, crushable, breathable waterproof fabric
Extra-wide brim
Highly water resistant but not completely waterproof (due to non-taped seams)
Adjustable head cinch strap for added comfort and secureness
Adjustable neck strap
The brim on this hat is stiff and therefore not turned up by wind
This is the ultimate hat for polaroiding trout in the highlands of Tasmania
Size: One-size-fits-most

Overall diameter 40cm
Colour: Overcast