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Ewing Wooly Bugger Patch


These Bugger Paks are a terrific value for tying the classic wooly bugger fly You don't have to invest big bucks in whole capes or saddles! These wooly bugger paks are 2"- 5" in length, tie sizes 8, 10 & 12s; 30-50 feathers per package.

Solid Colors: Black Blue, Blue Dun, Chartreuse, Claret, Coachman Brown, Dark Blue Dun, Fiery Cinnamon, Ginger, Golden Olive, Green, Light Blue Dun, Light Ginger, Medium Blue Dun, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan, Tan Dun, White.

Grizzly Colors: Black, Bleached Ginger, Bleached Olive, Bleached Golden Olive, Badger, Blue, Blue Dun, Claret, Coachman Brown, Dark Blue Dun, Ginger, Golden Olive, Green, Light Blue Dun, Medium Blue Dun, Olive, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan.