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Crazy Charlie - Pisces

While some fly anglers believe that *Bob Nauheim from California invented the fly called “Crazy Charlie” it was actually invented by Charles Smith from Andros Island, Bahamas. Here’s how the fly came to be according to Charlie Smith: “One day, Prime Minister Pindling came down to the Small Hope Bay Lodge with Prime Minister Trudeau. Dick Birch (Canadian lodge owner – primarily a dive destination) and I were very friendly. Dick told me that the PM wanted me out there to cook and serve them both . . . The next day, Dick said to me, ‘Well Charlie . . . You have to take the two Prime Ministers fishing so you have to go to the drawing board.’ So I went to the drawing board and invented the Crazy Charlie Fly (Prescott Smith told FLM.com that the eyes were beads from military tags and the body was chicken feathers). The next day, I took Pindling and Trudeau fishing. Pindling caught two fish and Trudeau caught three. Pindling used to call me “Life.” The Prime Minister said, ‘Life, you let him catch three and I only caught two bonefish.’” I said, “Isn’t that what you taught me? We have to look after our guests! And that’s exactly how it all started with the fly.” He went on to say, “And from there, I gave my fly to Bob Nauheim, a guy I fished. He was the owner of Fishing International in California. He asked me if I would accept the name of the fly to be Crazy Charlie. So I wrote a letter saying yes and I signed it, and that’s how the Crazy Charlie fly started.”