Airflo 9'6" #5 weight 4 piece rod combo


An excellent rod for boat or shore fishing with plenty of power, and extra length, which in turn gives you great control. It has a sensitive tip and plenty of power in the butt section. And it has a spare tip as well.

Originally designed for NZ fish, but we love this as a rod for Tassie.

This is a strong rod that handles a #6 weight line with ease. The sensitive tip helps the rod load quickly on short casts, and protects the tippet when playing fish. The added power in lower end of the rod assists on longer casts and gives you lifting power when you need it.

It also comes with a six inch insert piece, which converts the rod from a 9'6 to 10'0 giving you two rods for the price of one. Honestly though it is a better rod at 9'6". 

  • High modulus blanks built on multi tapered mandrels
  • Quality alloy reel seat with exotic wood insert
  • Silicon carbide stripper guides
  • Titanium coated single foot guides
  • Spare tip
  • Comes complete with cordura rod tube with reel pouch and cloth bags
  • Rod is 9'6" #5 and comes with a 6" extension for extra reach.
Options include:
Flylab composite reel with floating or 15' sink tip line
Flylab Beast alloy reel with floating or 15' sink tip line